“The Scientist’s Guide to Writing” is out!

It’s out!

Heard_Scientist'sGuide coverIt’s been almost five years since I started work on what became The Scientist’s Guide to Writing. I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that as of today (April 12), the book is officially published!  The Scientist’s Guide is now available from your local or internet bookseller (links below) or, of course, from your local library.  (It may be worth checking a couple of booksellers, as shipping times for physical copies seem to vary quite a bit.  Kindle and Kobo e-versions are available worldwide.)

All scientists are writers – we have to be, or our work will be lost.  But many of us don’t find writing easy.  I wrote The Scientist’s Guide to tell you some of things I wish someone had told me when I was beginning to practice the craft.  Actually (and somewhat to my surprise), in writing it I learned new things that are helping me even this late in my career.  I think the book can help any writer; as of today, you can grab a copy and see whether I’m right.

Meanwhile, if you need me, I’ll be off doing my happy dance.

Canada Canada: The Scientist’s Guide via Amazon.ca, or via Chapters.ca

United_States USA: The Scientist’s Guide via Amazon.com

150px-Globe.svg Everywhere else: see links here.


© Stephen Heard (sheard@unb.ca) April 12, 2016


8 thoughts on ““The Scientist’s Guide to Writing” is out!

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  2. Tekaib

    I would like to thank you for making my long days feel so short reading your thought process, ideas and ramblings. It’s never too late to be interested in biology when your main field hasn’t got much to do with it 🙂 . Also, shame on me as this pinned blogpost always appearing at the top of your blog made me think you had stopped blogging in April!


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