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See that room in the photo above?  Soon I’ll be sitting in it, and you probably will too (most of the conferences I attend, at least, happen in the summer).  I just booked some travel, and that got me thinking conference season.

I thought I’d bring together a few posts I’ve written aimed at those attending conferences.  If there’s one here you haven’t seen before, perhaps you’ll find it useful.

For your next conference, poster or talk?

An introvert goes conferencing

Conferencing as an old fogey

Are you wearing your conference nametag wrong?

Can we just put down the laser pointers please?

Why do senior academics ramble on?

 By the way, this year I’m planning to attend just two conferences:  the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (Guelph, July 2018) and the joint Entomological Society of Canada/Entomological Society of America (Vancouver, November).  If you’re at either one, please say hello!

 © Stephen Heard  May 17, 2018

I’ve written a few others posts aimed at conference organizers, rather than attendees.  Here they are for completeness: 

“Student competition sessions” at conferences are weird

Conference nametags mostly suck

Why do conferences have themes?

Making a conference introvert-friendly


1 thought on “Posts for conference season

  1. Macrobe

    Agree with the conference name tags. I never wore mine, except to put silly things on them: e.g. a large question mark, drawing of an aphid, a Monarch butterfly, a duck. They were great conversation openers with strangers. Especially the amoeba.
    Enjoy the conferences.

    By the way, in the photo of the Sierra del Carmen’s and Rio Grande, the US is on the left side of the river. I lived there for 2.5 years. For those that live there, the border is not acknowledged.

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