How bad are the ads? Readers say, not so bad.

Last week I asked how much you’re bothered by the ads on Scientist Sees Squirrel – which occur because I use WordPress’s free (= ad-supported) hosting. The votes are in, and most of you aren’t bothered.

More specifically: 55% of those who voted say they aren’t bothered by the ads (and if you’d like to join that group, read on). 29% are bothered a bit, but not enough that they’d consider chipping in a few dollars to see them gone. Just 15% are bothered and would chip in.* (Extrapolating from my own behaviour to that of my readers, that suggests that maybe 5% actually would.)

So: no change to the hosting – and thanks to everyone who was willing to share their opinion.

And for those who are bothered by the ads: commenters identified two ways you can dodge them. First, if you read via the WordPress app (or WordPress Reader), apparently the ads don’t show up. Second, you can install an ad-blocking browser extension, which are (reportedly) nearly 100% effective on WordPress.

Thanks to everyone who reads Scientist Sees Squirrel!


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