My gastrodiversity results

Here are my 65 families, and how I got each one.  What did you eat that I didn’t?

Family Common name Eaten as/in:
Actinidaceae kiwi fruit salad
Amaranthaceae quinoa quinoa salad
Amaryllidaceae onion spaghetti sauce
Anacardiaceae mango cheese and mango chutney sandwich
Annonaceae soursop soupsop nectar
Apiaceae carrot cheese and mango chutney sandwich
Arecaceae coconut coconut milk in curry
Araceae eddo mashed eddos
Asparagaceae asparagus vegetable
Asteraceae lettuce salad
Bangiaceae nori California rolls
Betulaceae hazelnuts nut mix
Brassicaceae broccoli vegetable
Bromeliaceae pineapple fruit salad
Cactaceae dragon fruit fruit
Cannabaceae hemp seed oatmeal-hempseed-flaxseed cookies
Capparaceae capers pasta with goat cheese and capers
Caricaceae papaya fruit salad
Convolvulaceae sweet potato vegetarian chili
Cucurbitaceae squash vegetarian chili
Cupressaceae juniper berries potato pancakes with juniper berries
Cyperaceae water chestnut soba noodles with water chestnuts
Dioscoreaceae Elabu yam flour ogbono soup
Ebenaceae persimmon fruit
Ericaceae blueberries blueberry pancakes
Euphorbiaceae tapioca tapioca pudding
Fabaceae peanuts soba noodles with water chestnuts
Gnetaceae okazi leaves ogbono soup
Grossulariaceae currants dried fruit mix
Irvingiaceae ogbono seed ogbono soup
Juglandaceae walnut nut mix
Lamiaceae basil pesto
Lauraceae avocado quinoa salad
Lecythidaceae Brazil nut nut mix, brazil nut
Linaceae flaxseed oatmeal-hempseed-flaxseed cookies
Lythraceae pomegranate fruit
Malpighiaceae nance nance dessert
Malvaceae chocolate chocolate chip cookies
Marantaceae arrowroot arrowroot cookies
Moraceae jackfruit fruit salad
Musaceae banana fruit
Myristicaceae nutmeg oatmeal cookies*
Myrtaceae guava guava nectar
Oleaceae olive oil pesto
Orchidaceae vanilla bean tapioca pudding
Oxalidaceae star fruit fruit salad
Papaveraceae poppyseed poppyseed bagel
Passifloraceae passionfruit passionfruit-peach juice
Pedaliaceae sesame seeds soba noodles with water chestnuts
Pinaceae pine nuts pesto
Piperaceae Black pepper chicken soup
Poaceae wheat flour scones
Polygonaceae buckwheat soba noodles with water chestnuts
Proteaceae macadamia macadamia cookies
Rhodymeniaceae dulse dulse
Rosaceae peach passionfruit-peach juice
Rubiaceae coffee chocolate-covered coffee beans
Rutaceae clementine fruit
Sapindaceae maple syrup blueberry pancakes
Schisandraceae star anise Pho soup
Solanaceae tomato spaghetti sauce
Vitaceae raisins cheese and mango chutney sandwich
Xanthorrhoeaceae aloe vera aloe vera drink
Zingiberaceae ginger curry

*I think I was pushing hard against the quantity rule here; I’m not sure if I really ate enough cookies. Spices are a difficult way to check off families!