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The centrifugal theory of species diversity

Photo: Jaguar – a large-bodied tropical mammal. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Digital Library System, public domain.

It’s frequently claimed that a person can expect to have only a handful of truly good ideas in a lifetime. One should, therefore, use them well! I had one of my best ideas (with tongue in cheek, that is) as a grad student – but I buried it in an issue of the Ecological Society of America Bulletin. If blogs had existed back then, perhaps things would have been different; but they do now, so I thought I’d resurrect this piece it from its obscure tomb.

I’m pleased that the ESA Bulletin occasionally indulges itself in a bit of levity, and am grateful for permission to repost it here. I hope you’ll enjoy the piece. Here it is, as originally published (ESA Bulletin (72(1):13, 1991):

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