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Am I the last holdout against making (publication-quality) figures in R?

It’s been amazing, over the last decade, to watch the incoming tide of R swamp every other tool for statistical analysis (at least in my own field, ecology and evolution). I’ve mostly come to accept my new statistical overlord*.  But what I don’t understand is R graphics. Continue reading


Graphic design, error, and accidental learning

Graphics: Cover design for The Scientist’s Guide to Writing (Princeton University Press, April 2016). Twirling DNA: by brian0918; own work, released to public domain, via wikimedia.org. DNA structures: by Thorwald, released to public domain via wikimedia.org.

Warning: an unusual foray into biochemistry is coming at you. Stick with it, though; there’s an interesting story here, on a couple of levels.

If you’ve been reading Scientist Sees Squirrel, you probably haven’t missed my occasional oh-so-subtle references to my forthcoming writing book, The Scientist’s Guide to Writing (Princeton, April 2016). I was very excited last month to finally see the cover design, and last week to be given the all-clear to release it publicly. I did so on Twitter, but within hours three sharp-eyed followers replied to my celebratory tweet with the news that there was something wrong with the graphic design. Continue reading