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Tweeting Science to Policymakers

At the 2018 conference of the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution, 5 friends and I put on a workshop on the use of Twitter in science.  Today: linking to slides and commentary from Dawn Bazely’s piece of the #CSEETweetShop.  How can you use Twitter to communicate science to policymakers?

Dawn has a long history and considerable success reaching out to policymakers and influencing science policy.  Her contribution to #CSEETweetShop explored the contribution of Twitter (and related media) to policy engagement.  And, because we need practical steps even to get started, she explained how to spot policymakers in the wild. They, she told us, are the people wearing suits!

 You can find Dawn’s slides and commentary on her own blog; please visit and read over there!  This page is really just a placeholder so that all six pieces can eventually be tied together on Scientist Sees Squirrel.

Thanks, Dawn!

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